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Planet Earth
Planet Earth
  • World War I Memorial
    A stone World War I memorial in Washington, D.C. is photographed among the colorful white, green, and red trees. The landmark features architecture that includes pillars and stone columns.
  • World War I Soldier
    A monument of a soldier from World War I is photographed against a backdrop of fall foliage. The dull gray color of the statue stands in stark contrast to the gold, red, orange, and green trees. A bright blue sky peeks out from behind the trees.
  • World War I Cannon
    A vintage World War I cannon is displayed in a park, and surrounded by grass and green trees. The wheels on the cannon allowed soldiers to move the artillery in order to best combat the enemy.
  • World Travel
    Air travel is the most frequently used form of long-distance travel because it is so efficient.
  • Alexanderplatz Atomic Clock
    This atomic clock, located in the town square and transportation hub of Berlin known as the Alexanderplatz, is considered a world clock because it displays the precise time for major capitals around the world.
  • WWI Drawings
    A variety of pen-and-ink drawings depict images associated with World War I. The image includes drawings of soldiers, airplanes, guns, cannons, and boots. A soldier wearing a helmet peers down the scope of vintage artillery.
  • White Cross Grave Marker
    A simple white marble cross at the American Cemetery in the French town of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon honors the life of a soldier lost during World War I.
  • Atomic Wall Clock
    Clocks are used throughout the world as a means of telling time. Atomic clocks in particular are trusted as the time-telling standard since they are the most accurate measurement available.
  • Bible
    Down through the centuries, the Bible has been translated into many different languages from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and distributed throughout the world.
  • Wireless Phone
    A young man in the wilderness wearing a green shirt keeps in touch with the civilized world thanks to his wireless phone. The man can explore the valleys, fields, and mountains, knowing that his friends and family are merely a phone call away.

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Colorful world map, with color-themed continents.
Colorful World Map, With Color-themed Continents
Category: Places to Visit
Keywords: country, maps, parachute
Reno: the Biggest Little City in the World.
Reno: The Biggest Little City In The World
Category: Nevada
Keywords: arches, reno
The Columbia gazetteer of the world (1998 edition)
The Columbia Gazetteer Of The World (1998 Edition)
Category: Words
Keywords: columbia, the, world
One World Trade Center.
One World Trade Center
Category: New York City
Keywords: trade, centre, one, world
One World Trade Center. NYC.
One World Trade Center. NYC
Category: New York City
Keywords: new, york, city, buildings
One World Trade Center in New York, USA
One World Trade Center In New York, USA
Category: Buildings
Keywords: one, world, trade, center

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