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Stone Wall
Stone Wall
  • Wooden Wall Clock
    A wooden wall clock with a white face and black hands is photographed on a wood bead board wall. The clock reads 12:00. The simple clock, placed on the rustic wall, evokes a feeling of understated, uncluttered simplicity.
  • Silver Wall Clock
    A silver wall clock with a white face and black hands is photographed on a bright green wall. The time reads 9:30. The clock is photographed slightly off center, so not all numbers are visible.
  • Clock on a Red Wall
    A simple clock, with black numbers and black hands, is pictured on a red wall. The clock is the only item pictured on the wall, and is photographed so the clock is slightly off center and positioned to the right.
  • Rectangular Wall Clock
    The image of a rectangular clock appears on a wall comprising light blue tiles. The clock is white with black accents, numbers, and hands. The hands of the clock, which read 4:35, cast a shadow on the white face.
  • Clock on a Brick Wall
    An elegant clock is hung on an exterior brick wall. A church and snow-covered mountains in the background indicate that the photograph was taken during the winter in a small, mountainous village.
  • Atomic Wall Clock
    Clocks are used throughout the world as a means of telling time. Atomic clocks in particular are trusted as the time-telling standard since they are the most accurate measurement available.
  • Fireplace Insert
    A gas fireplace insert warms a home's interior. The black fireplace insert is placed inside a white mantel, in front of a dramatic red wall. The crackling fire and the warm, crimson walls lend a feeling of friendliness to the room.
  • Red Scooter
    A shiny red and black motor scooter, photographed in front of an artistic brick wall, is balanced on its kickstand. When the key turns in the ignition and the motorbike roars to life, it will be ready to transport its rider to many interesting areas.
  • Antique Table Lamp
    A small table lamp with an intricately designed shade sits on a table. When lit, the table lamp casts a warm glow on the red wall behind it. This lamp is a stylish addition to any entryway, but also makes a wonderful reading lamp.
  • Cowgirl Boot
    A lone black cowboy boot is pictured on a reddish-brown walkway, with a brick wall in the background. The black boot is mid-calf length, and is adorned with a shiny silver spur.
  • Step Stools
    An artistic shot of step stools lined up against the wall shows the detail and clean lines of Amish-made furniture.
  • Vitreous China Sink
    No bathroom would be complete without a sink and there are many styles to choose from including self-rimming, vessel mount, under counter mount, wall mount, pedestal, and vanity.
  • Built-in Bookcases
    Built-in bookcases are permanently installed along a wall and can add a lot of character to a room.
  • English Saddle
    A dark leather English saddle sits on a red saddle tree mounted on the wall of a tack room. A white saddle pad separates the saddle from the metal tree. A brass nameplate on the back of the saddle indicates its owner.
  • Horse Bridles
    A long row of bridles, reins, and bits hangs on the wall of a tack room. This important riding equipment allows the rider to control the horse. The bit, which is attached to the bridle, will be placed in the horse's mouth.
  • Brass Lamp
    A brass table lamp with a pleated shade sits on a shiny wooden table. The lamp is illuminated, throwing a warm, half-circular glow on the beige wall behind it.
  • Black Maxi-Dress
    A young blond woman wearing a long black maxi dress is photographed in an urban area. The woman holds a bouquet of bright yellow flowers, which contrast with the concrete wall and weeds pictured in the photograph.

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