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Winter Travel
Winter Travel
  • World Travel
    Air travel is the most frequently used form of long-distance travel because it is so efficient.
  • Air Travel
    Air travel is frequently utilized by business travelers who need to travel long distances in a short amount of time. This picture shows a commercial jet coming in for a landing on a runway at sunset with a cityscape in the background.
  • Business Traveler
    This photo shows a business traveler checking his flight status on the airport display.
  • Cruise Ship Porthole
    This cruise ship porthole gives travelers a glimpse of the blue skies and turquoise water of Bermuda.
  • GPS Unit
    A horizontal, black GPS unit is photographed on a white background. As the traveler goes from place to place, the screen displays the user's location coordinates.
  • Luggage Label
    Luggage tags are a important form of address label that travelers use to help ensure that their luggage reaches its proper destination.
  • Hamilton, Bermuda
    The British territory of Bermuda features a subtropical climate and a variety of activities for the traveler. This photo shows a passenger ferry in the waters of Hamilton, Bermuda.
  • Executive Jet
    This picture shows a an executive jet flying by a cityscape at night.
  • Roof Rack
    A roof rack fastens securely to the roof of a vehicle and is a handy way to travel with a bicycle or other recreational equipment.
  • Battery Charger
    Every cell phone needs a battery to operate, whether it is a NiMH, NiCad, Lithium Ion, or Lithium Polymer. This photo shows a USB travel charger with a lithium ion battery. Lithium ion batteries are the most common form of cell phone battery.
  • Segway Scooter
    A man in an orange safety vest uses a Segway scooter to cross the street and enter a brick pedestrian area. Segway scooters allow users to travel short distances in a way that is quick, economical, and good for the environment.
  • Vintage Scooter
    A vintage red and chrome motorcycle, complete with seats covered in faux leopard skin, sits waiting for its rider to start its engine. A vintage motorcycle allows riders to travel economically, speedily, and with style.
  • Moped
    A silver and black moped rests on a yellow field. The expansive blue sky in the background beckons the rider to travel the open roads.

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