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Titanium Dental Implant
Titanium Implant and Tooth
  • Titanium Jewelry
    A trio of titanium jewelry is photographed on a white table. The photograph includes a simple titanium ring, a hinged titanium bracelet, and a titanium watch with a yellow face and white and silver hands.
  • Titanium Wedding Bands
    Two titanium silver wedding bands are photographed on a white background. The larger ring lies flat, while the other leans against it at an angle. Made out of hammered titanium, each ring includes a heartfelt inscription on its interior surface.
  • Titanium Rings
    Two titanium rings are slipped on to the stems of yellow Gerbera daisies. The two rings joined with the flower stems indicate a marriage union.
  • Titanium Bits
    Drill bits come in standard sizes, both in metric and imperial unites, but there are specialized bits for unique projects. These specialized bits are capable of drilling non-cylindrical-shaped holes.
  • Engagement and Wedding Rings
    A close-up photograph of titanium wedding and engagement rings, set romantically atop a peach-colored rose. The blurred background includes smaller white flowers and greenery.

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