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Online Shopping
Online Shopping with Tablet and Cart
  • Shopping Cart
    Online auto parts stores make it easier than ever to locate the exact automotive part you are looking for.
  • Outlet Shopping
    A young woman in a green jacket holds a variety of different colored and sized shopping bags, after a successful outing to an outlet mall. The woman's happy expression indicates that she found the items she was looking for, and for a reasonable price.
  • Outlet Shopping
    The exterior facade of a retail shopping center is photographed on a bright day. The stucco structure with arched doorways and small square windows is set against a cloudless blue sky.
  • Two Apples
    Comparison shopping informs the consumer on where the best deals can be found, and most people comparison shop for certain items in order to save money. This photo shows a little girl holding out a red and green apple.
  • Store and Shoppers
    A group of three women gather at a bench to compare items they have purchased while shopping at outlet stores. Colorful shopping bags from different stores surround them. One woman shows the other a vibrant pink tank she has purchased.
  • Shopper with Credit Card
    Many people enjoy catalog shopping because it can save time and is an easy and convenient way to shop from the comfort of your own home. This photo shows a woman on the phone, ordering from a catalog with her credit card at home.
  • Comparison
    Comparison shopping can save the consumer a considerable amount of money on goods and services.
  • Two Oranges
    Everyone needs to buy food on a regular basis and comparison shopping can help consumers save money. Many people comparison shop by going to different stores or checking out different sales flyers.
  • Product Comparison
    This photo shows a man holding a compact fluorescent bulb in one hand and an incandescent bulb in the other.
  • Outlet Mall
    The exterior corner of a shopping mall extends into a blue sky dotted with dense clouds. The retail center is built out of cream and red stucco, and includes detailed ironwork.
  • Consumer Goods Catalogs
    A wide range of catalogs are published by wholesale product distributors and consumer goods retailers. This photo shows an array of typical consumer catalogs offering products ranging from women's clothing to children's toys to kitchen utensils.
  • 1921 Sears Catalog
    This cover of the Sears Roebuck catalog (1921 edition) shows the Sears Roebuck Company headquarters building in Chicago, Illinois. American shoppers, especially in rural areas, used this mail order catalog to purchase many of life's basic necessities.
  • Outlet Store
    A stone and stucco storefront, one corner of an outlet mall, is displayed in the center of a blue sky. The empty building will soon be filled with merchandise, employees, and shoppers.
  • Factory Stores
    Several benches provide a resting place for weary shoppers, who have been busy purchasing items at factory stores. A canopy above the benches provides respite from rain and other elements, while lights illuminate the darkness.

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Shopping Picture - Shopping Bags
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Outlet Shopping Mall
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Discount Store Shopping Illustration
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Mail-order Shopping Catalogs
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Three Young Women Wearing, And Shopping For, Apparel
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