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Enclosed Patio
Enclosed Paver Patio with Patio Furniture
  • Patio Furniture
    Patio furniture comprising four wooden chairs and a wooden table sits waiting to be occupied. The sun from above filters onto the patio, highlighting fall foliage colors of red, gold, and green.
  • Patio Umbrella
    Two wooden tables sit on a patio, which overlooks a vast meadow, mountain range, and blue skies. One table features a patio umbrella, to shade users from sun or from light rain.
  • Stone Patio
    A wire outdoor table and chairs provides a decorative resting place on a stone patio. The tree-lined patio, which provides both sun and shade, is also decorated with grassy areas in which to rest.
  • Paver Patio
    A close-up photograph of an unfinished patio shows pavers that have yet to be laid. As the workers lay the pavers, the patio will grow in size.
  • Custom Patio
    A custom-designed patio with square flagstones features flowers, plants, and a waterfall. In the center of the photograph is a decorative wagon, filled with a variety of flowering plants.
  • Brick Patio
    An empty wood bench is positioned by a cross, on a red brick patio. The shadows from the trees throw patterns onto the bench, as well as onto the bricks.
  • Concrete Patio
    A close-up photograph of a stamped concrete patio shows the intricate design work that went into its craftsmanship. The concrete has been transformed, through texture and pattern, to resemble reddish-brown stones.
  • Patio
    A brick patio features a mosaic table and four wrought iron chairs in its center. The mosaic table is vibrant with colors of blue, yellow, and green. A green plant sits on top of the table, in a blue pot.
  • Bent Willow
    Bent willow furniture, including benches, chairs, and a table, decorates a peaceful stone patio. The moss growing between the patio stones lends color to the patio.
  • Cooking on a Gas Grill
    Sirloin steaks and onions cook on a gas grill. The person manning the grill pierces an onion with a fork, getting ready to add it to the cooking food.

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