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Metal Bars
Metal Bars
  • Metal Knobs
    The look of cabinetry can be easily updated with a change in hardware like cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.
  • Spiral Bike Rack
    This metal coil bike rack provides efficient storage and a measure of security for many bicycles at one time.
  • Two Briefcases
    Briefcases can be flexible or made from harder material. This photo shows a hard black leather-covered briefcase with a gold combination lock sitting on top of a silver metal briefcase.
  • Swimming Pool Ladder
    Pool ladders come in many different styles and are a must-have accessory for any aboveground pool. This aluminum ladder is easy to set up and dismantle.
  • Bike Rack
    Bike racks come in various styles; they can be used for transporting or securing bicycles. This row of permanently installed triangular metal racks is used for securing bicycles.
  • Black Briefcase
    Briefcases provide an efficient way to organize and transport papers; they are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, including leather and lightweight metals.
  • Carbide Burs
    Two metal burs sit side by side on a grayish-white background. While the burs may appear similar from afar, this close-up shot shows their detailed differences.
  • Car Wheel
    Car tires are mounted on metal rims that can be made from steel or aluminum alloy which is bolted to the axle of the car. Car rims come in various sizes and styles to fit any vehicle.
  • Stone Patio
    A wire outdoor table and chairs provides a decorative resting place on a stone patio. The tree-lined patio, which provides both sun and shade, is also decorated with grassy areas in which to rest.
  • Dental Burs
    A variety of different sized and colored dental burs are neatly stored next to other dental equipment, including a mirror.
  • Antique Car Rims
    A car rim is the metal component that a tire is fitted around. Car rims are made from various types of metal and have different looks, but are a necessary part of any vehicle.
  • Grinding Stone
    A black rotary tool with a grinding stone mounted is photographed on a white background. This handy, electric tool can be used to grind, smooth, and sand metal with just the flick of a switch. Design and shape metal pieces using this equipment.
  • Automobile Manufacturing Plant
    The interior of a busy auto manufacturing plant highlights the many pieces of machinery that go into making an automobile. A worker wearing a hardhat sits at a welding station. To his left is the metal shell of an unfinished automobile.
  • Bass Guitar Photograph
    Bass guitars provide the rhythm for many types of music including rock, metal, pop, blues, and jazz music. This artistic image of a red bass guitar showcases the fretboard with four strings, magnetic pickups, and a wooden neck.
  • Drawer Pulls
    Drawer pulls can provide a stylish accent to any kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom furniture and are an inexpensive way to upgrade the look of a room. These four metal drawer pulls in brass, silver, gold, and bronze add a vintage flair to any drawer.
  • Commercial Construction
    Concrete, metal, and wood rise several stories into the blue sky, as an unfinished commercial building exterior is brought to life. A yellow crane perches atop the construction site. Day by day the construction site is transformed.
  • Dental Syringe
    A close-up shot shows a metal dental syringe in great detail. The syringe lies on a white table. The part that holds the needle rests upon a piece of sterile gauze.
  • Dental Handpiece
    A shiny, metal, handheld dentist's drill is photographed on a white background. As soon as this dental tool buzzes to life, it will be used by the dentist to smooth and round cavities in the teeth so they can be properly filled.
  • Contemporary Floor Lamp
    A torchiere is a type of floor lamp that has an upturned metal shade, casting light onto the ceiling of a room. The light reflects off the ceiling and effectively lights the entire room.
  • Camping Table
    A small folding table, with a wooden top and metal legs, is perfect for camping. Unload your vehicle, set up your tent, and unfold your camping table. It's the perfect place to rest food, bug spray, lanterns, and other camping paraphernalia.
  • Fireplace Mantel
    A sturdy white fireplace mantel holds a model ship, green plant, and two metal bird sculptures. Below, a cozy fire crackles and snaps.
  • English Saddle
    A dark leather English saddle sits on a red saddle tree mounted on the wall of a tack room. A white saddle pad separates the saddle from the metal tree. A brass nameplate on the back of the saddle indicates its owner.
  • Anvil
    An isolated anvil photographed on a white background, to be used in crafting jewelry. The shiny anvil is used by the craftsman or jeweler to pound, manipulate, and shape metal jewelry, including necklaces, rings, and earrings, into the desired forms.
  • Modern Library
    A modern library, furnished with wood, metal, and glass, provides the perfect sanctuary for readers. Library tables hold individual white lamps.
  • Contemporary Home
    A prefabricated home can be stylish and contemporary. This home, photographed against a brilliant blue sky, features a stark white facade in modern architecture, clean lines, a simple metal porch, and corrugated garage doors.
  • Wire Brush
    A black rotary tool with a wire brush is photographed on a white background. When the rotary tool is turned on, the stiff wire brush will turn and spin. When it comes into contact with metal, it will buff and polish the surface.

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Labscape - Metal Casework
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