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Abstract Lighting
Abstract Lighting
  • Floor Lamp and Flowers
    Floor lamps (downward lighting) and torchieres (upward lighting) are both effective in their own specific tasks. Torchieres are more effective in situations which require soft lighting, such as watching tv and simply lighting a room.
  • Traditional Floor Lamp
    A floor lamp refers to a lighting fixture fixed to the top of a stand, which is stabilized by a heavy base which rests on the floor.
  • Automobile Taillights
    An online auto parts store is the perfect place to find accessories for your custom car, like this 1950's classic with fins. Online automotive stores often carry tail lights and other parts for vehicles of a very specific make, model and year.
  • Classroom
    Streamlined, sleek classroom furniture is placed in a semicircle in a well-lit, modern classroom. A simple black and white desk is in the center of the lecture hall, waiting for the presence of a teacher or lecturer.
  • Product Comparison
    This photo shows a man holding a compact fluorescent light bulb in one hand and an incandescent light bulb in the other hand.
  • Chandelier
    A chandelier is a light fixture mounted from the ceiling with light-bearing arms that is often ornately decorated with glass or crystal prisms.
  • Crystal Chandelier
    Crystal chandeliers help catch refractive light and add an elegant and luxurious touch to opulent decor. This chandelier dripping with crystals and shining in the reflection of the light would look right at home in a palace or opera house.
  • Chandelier in Poland
    Crystal chandeliers use glass and crystal prisms to reflect light for a dramatic effect. This photo of a large crystal chandelier with lots of candles on a black background showcases the type of crystal chandelier that is often used in theaters.
  • Floor Lamp Clip Art
    Floor lamps do provide some safety concerns. The heavy tops are susceptible to toppling over, causing damage to the lamp and possibly its surroundings.
  • Modern Living Room Floor Lamp
    A torchiere is a type of floor lamp which has an upturned shade, casting light onto the ceiling of a room. The light reflects off the ceiling and effectively lights the entire room.
  • Lamp Shade
    An elegant, fringed lamp casts a warm glow, contributing to a comfortable and casual decor. The small, gold lamp is placed on a wooden tabletop, and illuminates the wallpaper behind it.
  • Tiffany Lamp Shade
    A colorful Tiffany glass table lamp is photographed on a white background. When the chain on the lamp is pulled, the interior bulb will shine through the intricately patterned pink, green, yellow, and brown stained glass to illuminate the room.
  • Table Lamp Shade
    A modern, shiny brass table lamp is photographed on a brown background. A dimly lit lamp can make a dark corner of a room feel cozy and inviting. Pull up a chair, click on the lamp, and enjoy a book or a hobby in the lamp's warm glow.
  • Desk Lamp Shade
    A modern, black desk lamp is photographed on a white background, angled as if ready to illuminate the work area.
  • Brass Lamp
    A brass table lamp with a pleated shade sits on a shiny wooden table. The lamp is illuminated, throwing a warm, half-circular glow on the beige wall behind it.
  • Green Fir Trees
    A vibrant and glowing green aurora borealis dances in the Alaska sky, lighting up a group of tall fir trees. A red streak appears on the ground, lending the photograph a holiday feel.
  • Laminate Countertop
    A bright, spacious kitchen features a smooth, white laminate kitchen countertop. The cabinets match the countertop, giving the interior of this kitchen a contemporary feel. Large windows and recessed lighting add to the brightness of this room.

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random, multi-colored lighting effects
Random, Multi-colored Lighting Effects
Category: Lighting
Keywords: beautiful, things, pretty
decorative incandescent lighting on a black background
Decorative Incandescent Lighting On A Black Background
Category: Lighting
Keywords: black, backgrounds
Architectural lighting at The Villages Rehab Center
Architectural Lighting At The Villages Rehab Center
Category: Lighting
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Interesting lighting.
Interesting Lighting
Category: Home Decor
Keywords: industrial, bedroom, decor, living
lighting fixtures along the edge of an outdoor deck
Lighting Fixtures Along The Edge Of An Outdoor Deck
Category: Lighting
Keywords: wooden, decks, pergola
Lighting Systems for remodeling or new construction.
Lighting Systems For Remodeling Or New Construction
Category: Construction
Keywords: contemporary, interior, design

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