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Brick House
Suburban Brick House
  • Mortgaged House
    The concept of a mortgaged home is illustrated by a dollar sign overlaid by a yellow house with a red chimney. As home values have declined in recent years, second mortgages have become less available to underwater homeowners.
  • House Plans
    A large white residence, with multistoried windows and two brick chimneys, is photographed on top of architectural blueprints. The three-dimensional model of the home indicates what it will look like once the plans are complete.
  • House and Dollar Sign
    This shiny gold dollar sign leaning on a house is a visual illustration of the fact that consumers have most of their money stored in the value of their homes.
  • Holly Hill House
    Shown here is the historic Holly Hill House overlooking Avalon Bay on Catalina Island.
  • Mortgage Loan
    This dollar symbol leaning on a house illustrates the equity that many people have in their homes.
  • Home Equity Loan
    Sitting atop a smattering of copper pennies, this attractive, white house with a gray roof and red shutters has financial equity that can be tapped by its owners.
  • Prefab Home
    A prefabricated home, in the style of a colonial farmhouse, sits in the middle of a large yard. A dramatic tree looms in the foreground. Soon, a family will move into this house and fill the rooms and yard with laughter and love.
  • Entrance Garden
    An exterior walkway is adorned with a Japanese maple, lirope, and miniature boxwood. The entrance garden to this beautiful home provides a welcoming feel to all who travel the bright white path to the door.
  • Mortgage Agreement
    A mortgage loan agreement is a contract between the buyer and lender that outlines the terms and conditions for repayment of the debt.
  • Crystal Chandelier
    Crystal chandeliers help catch refractive light and add an elegant and luxurious touch to opulent decor. This chandelier dripping with crystals and shining in the reflection of the light would look right at home in a palace or opera house.
  • Garage Storage
    Many garages quickly become full of tools, bicycles, lawn equipment, and more. However, when proper garage storage is used, there will be space in the garage for one car or more! Many garages have attic space that can be used for further storage.
  • Tract Homes
    Many planned communities consist of tract homes, which are multiple identical homes constructed on a tract of land and then subdivided.
  • Building Blocks
    A close-up photograph of jumbled plastic building blocks results in an abstract, artistic image. Blue, green, and red blocks are haphazardly tossed together, waiting for someone to come along and transform them.

House Image(s) from Pinterest

landscaped large single-family house
Landscaped Large Single-family House
Category: Home Design
Keywords: meaning, of, dreams, luxury, houses
South Carolina State House building in Columbia.
South Carolina State House Building In Columbia
Category: South Carolina
Keywords: house, building, the
Carpenter Looking at framing on an Unfinished House
Wooden Molding for House Construction
Wooden Molding For House Construction
Category: Construction
Keywords: moldings, construction
New Hampshire State House building in Concord.
New Hampshire State House Building In Concord
Category: New Hampshire
Keywords: house, building, concord
House in the Garden District of New Orleans.
House In The Garden District Of New Orleans
Category: Louisiana
Keywords: bon, temps, dream, houses
The Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA.
The Betsy Ross House In Philadelphia, PA
Category: Pennsylvania
Keywords: pennsylvania, philadelphia, places, in, america
New Orleans has some beautiful house styles.
New Orleans Has Some Beautiful House Styles
Category: New Orleans
Keywords: charleston, style, shotgun, house
Guitar outside Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, TN
Guitar Outside Grand Ole Opry House In Nashville, TN
Category: Nashville
Keywords: nashville, grand, ole, opry
Storage for my tiny house.
Storage For My Tiny House
Category: Home Organization
Keywords: stair, landing, hidden, storage

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