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Family at Home
Family at Home
  • Home Plans
    An architectural blueprint of a home shows the rear view of the home, as well as an interior view highlighting the dining room, kitchen, and porch. A contractor will use this home plan to take someone's dream home from design to reality.
  • Log Home
    A two-story prefabricated log home is built on a rural lot, complete with pine trees and mountain ranges. The large, sweeping porch allows the homeowners to enjoy views from all sides of the log home.
  • Contemporary Home
    A prefabricated home can be stylish and contemporary. This home, photographed against a brilliant blue sky, features a stark white fašade in modern architecture, clean lines, a simple metal porch, and corrugated garage doors.
  • Model Home
    A photograph depicts a sketch of a home. Underneath the original sketch the same sketch is rendered in more detail, including the addition of a red roof, howing what the home might look like once completed.
  • Desert Home
    A large, prefabricated home made out of stucco is designed to be situated in the desert. The elongated windows allow the sun to stream in, while the large portico provides shade for those looking to get out of the sun.
  • Home Equity Loan
    Sitting atop a smattering of copper pennies, this attractive, white house with a gray roof and red shutters has financial equity that can be tapped by its owners.
  • Home Blueprints
    A three-dimensional model of a Cape Cod-style home is photographed on top of the blueprints that contractors will use to build it. The home has a white and brown facade, and an orange roof. Two skylights will beam sunlight into the upper floor.
  • Prefab Home
    A prefabricated home, in the style of a colonial farmhouse, sits in the middle of a large yard. A dramatic tree looms in the foreground. Soon, a family will move into this house and fill the rooms and yard with laughter and love.
  • Home Gym
    Sunlight filters through a sliding glass door and many-paned window into a home gym.
  • Exercising at Home
    A man wearing jeans and a polo shirt pedals a recumbent bicycle in a home gym with shiny hardwood floors and white walls.
  • Do It Yourself
    Do-it-yourself home improvement is made significantly easier if a person has a basic set of tools at home.
  • Prefab Trusses
    A close-up photograph of a prefabricated truss shows its detail. The truss will be shipped by large truck to the construction site, where it will be lifted by special machinery into place.
  • House and Dollar Sign
    This shiny gold dollar sign leaning on a house is a visual illustration of the fact that consumers have most of their money stored in the value of their homes.
  • Mortgage Application
    A mortgage application is a document that virtually all homeowners are familiar with, but the numbers of home owners applying for a second mortgage are also on the rise.
  • Mortgage Loan
    This dollar symbol leaning on a house illustrates the equity that many people have in their homes.
  • Mortgaged House
    The concept of a mortgaged home is illustrated by a dollar sign overlaid by a yellow house with a red chimney. As home values have declined in recent years, second mortgages have become less available to underwater homeowners.
  • Shopper with Credit Card
    Many people enjoy catalog shopping because it can save time and is an easy and convenient way to shop from the comfort of your own home. This photo shows a woman on the phone, ordering from a catalog with her credit card at home.
  • House Plans
    A large white residence, with multistoried windows and two brick chimneys, is photographed on top of architectural blueprints. The three-dimensional model of the home indicates what it will look like once the plans are complete.
  • Mortgage Agreement
    A mortgage loan agreement is a contract between the home buyer and lender that outlines the terms and conditions for repayment of the debt.
  • Residential Construction
    A construction worker reviews plans outside of a residential construction site. Unfinished homes receive finishing touches before new residents move in.
  • Entrance Garden
    An exterior walkway is adorned with a Japanese maple, lirope, and miniature boxwood. The entrance garden to this beautiful home provides a welcoming feel to all who travel the bright white path to the door.

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George Washington's home in Mt. Vernon, VA.
George Washington's Home In Mt. Vernon, VA
Category: Virginia
Keywords: potomac, river, southern, plantations
strikingly attractive home decor in a modern living room
Strikingly Attractive Home Decor In A Modern Living Room
Category: Home Decor
Keywords: small, living, rooms
a manufactured home on a level lot
A Manufactured Home On A Level Lot
Category: Home Design
Keywords: tan, house, mls, homes
white mailbox at a home address
White Mailbox At A Home Address
Category: Marketing
Keywords: direct, mail, marketing
Furniture for the home
Furniture For The Home
Category: Furniture
Residental home near Puget Sound.
Residential Home Near Puget Sound
Category: Washington
Keywords: puget, washington
Residential home in southern California.
Residential Home In Southern California
Category: California
Keywords: southern, california, homes
modern home office furniture
Modern Home Office Furniture
Category: Furniture
Keywords: office, interior, design, designs
barrister bookcases in a home library
Barrister Bookcases In A Home Library
Category: Libraries
Keywords: barrister, bookcase, wooden
Barn Homes on Houzz Would make an interesting home.
Barn Homes On Houzz Would Make An Interesting Home
Category: Rural Living
Keywords: sliding, barn, doors, entry

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