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GPS Satellite
GPS Satellite Over Planet Earth
  • Handheld GPS Menu
    A small, handheld GPS shows the menu that allows the user to navigate. With just a few touches on the screen, the GPS menu will allow you to program your destination.
  • Hunter holding a GPS
    A hunter, wearing an orange hat and orange coat for safety, consults a handheld GPS. The hand holding the GPS is wearing a camouflage glove.
  • GPS Unit
    A horizontal, black GPS unit is photographed on a white background. The screen shows coordinates of the user's exact location.
  • PDA with GPS Feature
    A close-up photograph of a hand holding a PDA, which displays its GPS feature. In addition to allowing you to make phone calls, schedule appointments, and send emails, many PDAs now have GPS features that allow you access maps and directions.
  • NIST Atomic Clock
    Atomic clocks operate by using the vibration of cesium or rubidium atoms to set very precise time, and are the standard in timekeeping as they are the most accurate clocks available.

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