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Fireplace with Red Mug
Fireplace and Red Coffee Mug
  • Fireplace Insert
    A gas fireplace insert warms a home's interior. The black fireplace insert is placed inside a white mantel, in front of a dramatic red wall. The crackling fire and the warm, crimson walls lend a feeling of friendliness to the room.
  • Stone Fireplace
    A close-up photographs depicts a warm, golden fire in a rustic stone fireplace. Screen doors, which are now open, can be closed to contain sparks and embers. Whether fueled by natural gas or by logs, a fireplace makes a room cozy on a cold winter day.
  • Electric Fireplace
    An electric fireplace is essentially an aesthetically-pleasing heater. They can be placed inside existing conventional fireplaces that can no longer be used for open flame.
  • Fireplace Grate
    An electric fireplace is an efficient heater, typically consuming approximately 1.5 kilowatts and heating a 400 square foot room. Electric fireplaces do not require ventilation systems.
  • Fireplace and Sunflowers
    Electric fireplaces are more advantageous than conventional fireplaces because they are portable and do not require chimneys. The electric fireplaces do not require any remodeling prior to installation.
  • Fireplace Mantel
    A sturdy white fireplace mantel holds a model ship, green plant, and two metal bird sculptures. Below, a cozy fire crackles and snaps.
  • Brick Fireplace
    A shadowed photograph of a fireplace set into bricks lights up a cold winter's day. The coals and embers glow in the background, warming the air and lending an intimate feeling of friendliness to the room.
  • Traditional Floor Lamp
    A floor lamp refers to a lighting fixture fixed to the top of a stand, which is stabilized by a heavy base which rests on the floor.

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