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Outdoor Exercise
Couple Jogging Outdoors
  • Woman Riding an Exercise Bike
    Stationary exercise bikes put less strain on joints than other pieces of exercise equipment. Exercise bicycles are used to increase general fitness, to train for cycle events, and sometimes in physical therapy.
  • Exercise Bike Silhouette
    Exercise bicycles include mechanisms that provide the user with resistance necessary for exercise. These resistance mechanisms can be made of magnets, fans, or friction.
  • Exercise Bicycle
    Exercise bikes are also known as stationary bicycles and exercycles. Most exercise bikes make use of an ergometer, which is a device that measures the work a person exerts while exercising.
  • Gym Exercise
    A young woman with blond hair exercises using rubber tubing, which is designed to provide resistance using your own body weight. The black and red rubber tubing matches the woman's exercise clothing.
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike
    A semi-recumbent exercise bicycle takes a position between a conventional upright bicycle and a full recumbent bicycle. These semi-recumbent bikes are great in the areas of comfort and ease of use, but do not rank high in aerodynamics.
  • Elliptical Trainer
    An elliptical trainer (also called a cross-trainer) is a stationary machine used to simulate the exercise benefits of climbing stairs, walking, and running.
  • Stationary Bike
    Many exercise bikes include attached televisions or other decides to provide entertainment to the user while he or she is riding. Many people enjoy using an mp3 player to listen to music while exercising.
  • Gym Equipment
    A white weight machine is photographed in a gym with yellow walls and gray carpeting. The weight machine is useful to bodybuilders, as well as to those who want to stay in shape.
  • Senior using an Elliptical
    Some claim that the dual action (exercising both upper and lower body) of the elliptical trainer is more efficient in burning calories.
  • Exercising at Home
    A man wearing jeans and a polo shirt pedals a recumbent bicycle in a home gym with shiny hardwood floors and white walls.
  • Tennis Players
    A man and woman wearing tennis whites, holding tennis racquets, stand across the net from the photographer, smiling.

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Exercise for health.
Exercise For Health
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stepper exercise machine
Stepper Exercise Machine
Category: Health Fitness
Keywords: exercise, machine, fitness, equipment

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