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Construction Project
Construction Project
  • Residential Construction
    A construction worker reviews plans outside of a residential construction site. Unfinished homes receive finishing touches before new residents move in.
  • Commercial Construction
    Concrete, metal, and wood rise several stories into the blue sky, as an unfinished commercial building exterior is brought to life. A yellow crane perches atop the construction site. Day by day the construction site is transformed.
  • Construction Crane
    A heavy-duty construction crane spans the entire length of a tall building, helping construction workers finish the top floors of the skyscraper.
  • Prefab Trusses
    A close-up photograph of a prefabricated truss shows its detail. The truss will be shipped by large truck to the construction site, where it will be lifted by special machinery into place.
  • Nailgun Worker
    A carpenter uses a pneumatic nail gun to put nails into plywood.
  • Wooden Dowels
    A close-up of wooden dowels, used in furniture construction, shows the horizontal lines that texture each individual dowel. Wooden dowels are used as a way to join and reinforce certain types of woodworking projects.
  • Model Home
    A photograph depicts a sketch of a home. Underneath the original sketch the same sketch is rendered in more detail, including the addition of a red roof, howing what the home might look like once completed.
  • Pool Decking
    This man is measuring wooden decking to ensure a perfect fit around his aboveground pool. A deck can add practicality and sophistication to any aboveground pool, allowing swimmers to lay out around the pool or simply sit with their feet in the water.
  • Furniture Assembly
    Two men in blue shirts work together to assemble a large piece of furniture. One man holds the shelf in place, while the other uses a drill to put screws in place.
  • Carbide Bur Macro
    A detailed close-up of a carbide bur is featured on top of a blue, white, and red background. The light from the photographer's camera reflects off of the face of the bur, showing the construction of the bur in greater detail.
  • Dovetail Joint
    A close-up photograph of a sliding drawer with a silver pull focuses on the dovetail joints. This interlocking method of cabinet construction shows attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality.

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Interesting fishing boat construction!
Interesting Fishing Boat Construction
Category: Boats
Keywords: fishing, boats, construction
Crane at a construction site
Crane At A Construction Site
Category: Buildings
structural-engineer studying a plan at a construction site.
Structural-engineer Studying A Plan At A Construction Site
Category: Professions
Keywords: structural, engineer, the
A civil engineer overseeing highway construction.
A Civil Engineer Overseeing Highway Construction
Category: Professions
Keywords: engineering, jobs, electrical
Paving on new construction
Paving On New Construction
Category: Construction
Keywords: summer, heat, new, construction
Home Improvement Construction Tools
Home Improvement Construction Tools
Category: Construction
Keywords: construction, tools, home, improvements
Construction Equipment on a Construction Site
Construction Equipment On A Construction Site
Category: Construction
Keywords: caterpillar, equipment, heavy
Wooden Molding for House Construction
Wooden Molding For House Construction
Category: Construction
Keywords: moldings, construction
Builder checking construction progress
Wood Siding used in Construction of a Shed
Wood Siding Used In Construction Of A Shed
Category: Construction
Keywords: wood, siding, in, construction

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