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Colorful Chairs
Colorful Chairs
  • Rocking Chairs
    Two rocking chairs made by Amish furniture makers sit quietly in the forefront of this photograph, while smaller pieces of Amish-made furniture, including spice racks and baskets, are lined up neatly on shelves in the background.
  • Wood Table and Chairs
    A wooden table and four wooden chairs sits in the middle of a grassy meadow, waiting for a party to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Outdoor Furniture
    A shaded, covered porch holds a variety of outdoor rocking chairs made by Amish furniture makers. The sun is filtered on to the porch, casting its glow on the handmade, detailed chairs. Several birdhouses and tables add variety to the offerings.
  • Student Desks
    Three rows of desks and student chairs sit neatly atop a gray rug, while the sun streams through an open window. The lecture hall enjoys a temporary moment of quiet before students thirsty for knowledge fill the desks and chairs.
  • Indoor Furniture
    A close-up photograph of several different types of rocking chairs, made by Amish furniture makers, features several styles of types of wood.
  • Patio Furniture
    Patio furniture comprising four wooden chairs and a wooden table sits waiting to be occupied. The sun from above filters onto the patio, highlighting fall foliage colors of red, gold, and green.
  • Stone Patio
    A wire outdoor table and chairs provides a decorative resting place on a stone patio. The tree-lined patio, which provides both sun and shade, is also decorated with grassy areas in which to rest.
  • Patio
    A brick patio features a mosaic table and four wrought iron chairs in its center. The mosaic table is vibrant with colors of blue, yellow, and green. A green plant sits on top of the table, in a blue pot.
  • Patio Umbrella
    Two wooden tables and four wooden chairs sit on a patio, which overlooks a vast meadow, mountain range, and blue skies. One table features a patio umbrella, to shade users from sun or from light rain.
  • Lab Design
    A bright, white, and very clean laboratory room is ready for use. An expansive tile table features seating for more than a dozen, allowing for collaboration among scientists and researchers.
  • Modern Library
    A modern library, furnished with wood, metal, and glass, provides seating and study desks for readers. Library tables hold individual white lamps.
  • Traditional Library
    A large book is open, waiting to be read, on a wooden table in a traditional library. The tables hold rows of stylish lamps, each ready to illuminate a reader's individual seating space.
  • Aboveground Pool
    This bright blue aboveground pool looks perfect for taking a luxurious dip on a hot summer afternoon. The pool is encased in decking material with added steps. Wooden deck chairs add to the relaxing atmosphere.
  • Bermuda Sunset
    Photographed from an oceanfront balcony at a Bermuda resort hotel, this golden sunset silhouettes the tall palm trees and bathes the ocean water with a pale, mellow glow. White wicker lawn chairs await tomorrow's sunbathers.
  • Bent Willow
    Bent willow furniture, including benches, chairs, and a table, decorates a peaceful stone patio. The moss growing between the patio stones lends color to the patio.

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stacks of unfinished wood chairs
Stacks Of Unfinished Wood Chairs
Category: Furniture
Keywords: unfinished, wood, chairs, tables
school desks and chairs
School Desks And Chairs
Category: Schools
Keywords: school, discipline, charter, schools
modern office chairs
Modern Office Chairs
Category: Furniture
school science lab with a laboratory table and chairs
School Science Lab With A Laboratory Table And Chairs
Category: Laboratories
Keywords: lab, equipment, science, labs

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