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Mountain Bike Cyclist
Mountain Bike Cyclist
  • Spiral Bike Rack
    This metal coil bike rack provides efficient storage and a measure of security for many bicycles at one time.
  • Bike Rack
    Bike racks come in various styles; they can be used for transporting or securing bicycles. This row of permanently installed triangular metal racks is used for securing bicycles.
  • Bike Racks
    Many cities and parks have racks, like the ones pictured here, for storing and securing bicycles. These two blue bike racks are permanently installed in concrete so that riders can stow their bicycles and enjoy the park on foot.
  • Woman Riding an Exercise Bike
    Stationary exercise bikes put less strain on joints than other pieces of exercise equipment. Exercise bicycles are used to increase general fitness, to train for cycle events, and sometimes in physical therapy.
  • Stationary Bike
    Many exercise bikes include attached televisions or other decides to provide entertainment to the user while he or she is riding. Many people enjoy using an mp3 player to listen to music while exercising.
  • Recumbent Exercise Bike
    A semi-recumbent exercise bicycle takes a position between a conventional upright bicycle and a full recumbent bicycle. These semi-recumbent bikes are great in the areas of comfort and ease of use, but do not rank high in aerodynamics.
  • Exercise Bike Silhouette
    Exercise bicycles include mechanisms that provide the user with resistance necessary for exercise. These resistance mechanisms can be made of magnets, fans, or friction.
  • Bicycle Rack
    Some bike racks attach to the roof or the rear of a vehicle and can usually carry two to five bicycles. This photo shows a typical rear-mounted bike rack carrying four bicycles.
  • Roof Rack
    A roof rack fastens securely to the roof of a vehicle and is a handy way to travel with a bicycle or other recreational equipment.
  • Red Motorcycle
    This motorcyclist rides a red sports bike, leaning into a sharp turn.  In addition to a helmet and leather jacket, he is also wearing leather pants with knee sliders and armored gloves for safety.
  • Bicycle Roof Rack
    Car-mounted bicycle racks may be fastened to the trailer hitch, strapped to the rear of the car, or mounted to the roof. Roof-mounted racks may be used to transport bicycles as well as luggage, skies, kayaks, canoes, and other recreational equipment.
  • Exercise Bicycle
    Exercise bikes are also known as stationary bicycles and exercycles. Most exercise bikes make use of an ergometer, which is a device that measures the work a person exerts while exercising.
  • Bicycle Storage
    One of the most effective forms of garage storage are lift hoist bike holders. These holders vary according to brand, but the general purpose is to strap a bicycle in and then hoist the bike up toward the ceiling.

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road bike cycling in a race
Road Bike Cycling In A Race
Category: Bicycles
Keywords: weight, training, tips
Triathlete Cycling on a Road Bike during competition
Triathlete Cycling On A Road Bike During Competition
Category: Bicycles
Keywords: road, bike, roads
an unusual stainless steel bike rack
An Unusual Stainless Steel Bike Rack
Category: Bicycles
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bike roof rack
Bike Roof Rack
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bike storage rack
Bike Storage Rack
Category: Bicycles
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Multiple bike trunk rack.
Multiple Bike Trunk Rack
Category: Bicycles
Keywords: bicycles, trunks

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