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English Garden
English Garden
  • Botanical Garden
    Pink and white tulips sway in a botanical garden on a sunny day. The bright buds reach for the sky, which pokes through the surrounding green trees. While the setting is very natural, the planted flowers contribute to a slightly landscaped feel.
  • Garden Shed
    A white picket fence welcomes visitors, who walk down a brick pathway to a small garden shed in a residential backyard. The shed is white with a red door, with small lanterns on either side of the door.
  • Garden Tools
    A garden hoe is a versatile tool that has been used for centuries. Common uses of the hoe include weed control, moving soil, digging furrows and trenches, and chopping roots and weeds.
  • Entrance Garden
    An exterior walkway is adorned with a Japanese maple, lirope, and miniature boxwood. The entrance garden to this beautiful home provides a welcoming feel to all who travel the bright white path to the door.
  • Garden Sheds
    Two garden sheds sit in a beautifully landscaped backyard. Flowers, walkways, and a birdbath make this an idyllic spot for visitors. The potting shed in the foreground is made of cedar shingles, with a bench outside for resting.
  • Wooden Shed
    A brown, wooden garden shed with red trim holds landscaping tools and other gardening equipment. Larger items, such as fencing material and a wheelbarrow, lean neatly against the side of the shed.
  • White Potting Shed
    A rustic white potting shed, with a white door and singular window, is surrounded by vibrant green foliage and herbs. The plants have been well tended by tools that are located inside the shed.
  • Gardening Tools
    While a hose is a more efficient way to water a garden, a watering can does come in handy at times when the garden is inaccessible by hose or the garden is so small that a hose would be impractical.
  • Gardening Hand Tools
    Simple hand tools are often best for small gardens or flower beds. A shovel, or spade, can be used to turn over soil, dig weeds, and make planting holes.
  • Pink Azalea
    Several bushes of bright pink azalea are in full bloom. The flowers and green leaves are slightly wet, indicating that a rain just watered the blossoms.
  • Tulbaghia Violacea
    This macro shot of purple tulbaghia violacea, also known as society garlic, was taken at a botanical garden in San Diego, California.  Tulbaghia violcea is an attractive ornamental perennial that grows in clusters and smells distinctly of garlic.
  • Tiffany Style Lamp
    A glass Tiffany table lamp is photographed on a white background. This antique lamp, with its garden-themed shade, is a stylish and beautiful way to illuminate a room.

Garden Image Resource(s) from Pinterest

Large garden fountain in Phoenix.
Large Garden Fountain In Phoenix
Category: Arizona
Keywords: garden, fountains, phoenix
The Chicago Botanic Garden.
The Chicago Botanic Garden
Category: Illinois
Keywords: chicago, usa, illinois
International Peace Garden in North Dakota.
International Peace Garden In North Dakota
Category: North Dakota
Keywords: public, garden, lush
Fall at the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.
Fall At The Japanese Garden In Portland, Oregon
Category: Oregon
Keywords: japanese, landscape, fall
United States Botanic Garden in Washington DC.
United States Botanic Garden In Washington DC
Category: District of Columbia
Keywords: dc, united, states
Slim rear contemporary garden design in London
Slim Rear Contemporary Garden Design In London
Category: Garden Design
Keywords: patio, blocks, contemporary, garden, design
Nice garden walkway!
Nice Garden Walkway
Category: Garden Design
Keywords: backyard, walkway, brick
plein air artist using a french easel in a garden
Plein Air Artist Using A French Easel In A Garden
Category: Art
Keywords: easels, plein, air
pink hyacinths and yellow tulips in a botanical garden
Pink Hyacinths And Yellow Tulips In A Botanical Garden
Category: Farm Nursery Garden
Keywords: daytona, beach, florida, yellow, tulips
front yard garden fence
Front Yard Garden Fence
Category: Farm Nursery Garden
Keywords: front, yard, gardens, garden, fences

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